Technical support industry

Maintenance programs ITIS installations work with end users to meet their maintenance needs, where the mechanical disciplines deal with fully equipped and equipped trailers that cover most applications. Maintenance requires a change to replace the high and low speed seals with all the necessary tools. Inspections A gearbox inspection is delivered with wear and life cycle reports. This is to enable the end user to prepare for maintenance.

Our design department grows through the provision of industrial electromechanical services such as service, assembly, disassembly and relocation, as well as solid maintenance contracts. We support newly established and existing production-related enterprises by performing the following business functions

Provides refractory services to the Asian cement industry. Our services help customers understand the properties of refractory and insulation materials with installation efficiency at the best available price. We can also make various refractory installations for other industries that use refractory materials.

License. ITIS, as an installation company, also has many licenses to support the installation process, such as Construction License, Supervision Certificate (from the refractory manufacturer), and Safety Management System Certificates.

We provide refractory installations (assembly of bricks and concrete elements), disassembly, welding of new anchors, prefabrication of battens, assembly of insulation, assembly and disassembly of scaffolding. For the equipment, we can provide all the equipment for refractory installations along with optional equipment such as air compressor, forklift and truck, scaffolding materials, lifting equipment.

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